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The state of Amapá is located in the extreme north of Brazil, bordering French Guiana and Suriname to the north and Pará to the south and west.

One of the main features of the state is the Oiapoque River: the river's estuary is at the extreme north of the Brazilian coast, and it is often used to describe the remote points of Brazil.

The only way to reach the state's capital and largest city, Macapá, is by boat or airplane; other important cities are Santana, Laranjal do Jari e Oiapoque.

The dominant landscape of Amapá is the Amazon Rainforest, and unexplored forests occupy 70 percent of its territory; the total area of the sate is 142,814 square kilometres.

At the seaside, almost intact beaches get mixed with swamps, composing the largest Brazilian representation of this biome, where this mix of salt and fresh water is perfect for the reproduction of the food chain for several animal species.

The climate of Amapá is equatorial, without a dry season, and the yearly precipitation is nearly 2500 mm; average temperatures range from 20 ºC to 36º C.

Municipalities: Amapá, Calçoene, Cutias do Araguari, Ferreira Gomes, Itaubal, Laranjal do Jari, Macapá, Mazagão, Oiapoque, Pedra Branca do Amapari, Porto Grande, Pracuuba, Santana, Serra do Navio, Tartarugalzinho and Vitória do Jari.

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