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Fifth largest world country in area, Brazil extends for 39 degrees of latitude (equivalent to the distance from Athens, in Greece, to the North of Iceland), and for more than 29 degrees of longitude (from Lisbon, in Portugal, to Budapest, in Hungary).

This vast country embraces all geographies and virtually all climates, from the dense and unexplored jungles of Amazon to large bustling cities like São Paulo, from the heavenly beaches of the northeast to the Iguassu Falls, from the cosmopolitan Rio de Janeiro to the endless horizon of Pantanal.

One life is not enough to know Brazil, but it pays to try and insist.

Tourists find easily the most obvious destinations: the beautiful bays of Rio and Salvador, the modern cultural richness of São Paulo, the precious legacy of Salvador, Ouro Preto or São Luís do Maranhão, the eternal fascination of countless islands and many natural treasures.

However, there is much, much more to find. Discovering Brazil takes time, but it's worth it!

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Pousada Soleil da Brava Pousada Soleil da Brava
Praia Brava, Itaja
Right on Brava Beach, Pousada Soleil da Brava offers an outdoor pool, restaurant, bar and buffet breakfast. It features air-condit...

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